There's no striation

In God's creation --

His Kingdom will come

When we see we're One.


In your conflicting roles

You see conflicting goals --

You seek earthly gain,

But hold it in disdain.


We hear a thousand voices

Giving us a thousand choices,

But they are all One.

The time of conflict is done --

Let in God's Sun --

We may as well have fun--

Our real choice is none --

Heaven has won.


We think we're learning

While the world is burning,


It's the only choice for you.


We will never rest

Till we put it to the test --

Clearly one is best --

In this you must invest.


To free your body, bind it.

Lose your life to find it.

Ending separation

Will end your frustration.

Give it all it's worth:

This is your Heaven on earth.


Stop your resistance

To the truth of existence,

Or false truth will appear

And give you new fear.


Heaven is the gift you must take;

Heaven is the choice you must make,

But truth you must never forsake --

You're safe in God's Arms, now awake!